The First Three Years 
Eva Gjaltema
In 2012 Eva decided to build up a new life in another country. The reality was pretty disappointing. She faced several challenges that sometimes paralyzed her. The loneliness and feeling of being isolated as a newborn mother overwhelmed Eva and the only way to overcome her personal struggles was through making new work.
Initially Eva started photographing with her mobile phone, because of lack of time, but soon she noticed that she was looking for a slower process, something more challenging and with more individuality.
Eva's old Polaroid SX70 camera had already accompanied her on several projects before, but due to the bankruptcy of Polaroid and the slow startup of Impossible, she had less control over the results of the film. Eva started experimenting with the footage by adding found footage. In the end she used both 'successful' and 'rejected' Polaroids to create unique work that supported her personal reflection on motherhood.

size 140 x 180 mm
pages 96
copies 250
technique offset 
binding swiss binding
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